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LexisNexis® PatentSight® — the advanced Patent Business Intelligence solution.

Reveal Insights on Any Patent Portfolio

R&D Strategy

Improve innovation with a clearly defined business strategy that is connected to IP and alerts for new entrants and potential partners.

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

Base decision-making on the measurement of true patent portfolio strength and competitive factors while relying on industry proven KPIs to track progress.

Portfolio Optimization

Answer key questions to define country filing strategy, increase portfolio efficiency and identify competitive strengths and weaknesses.

Disruptive Technology Scouting

Pinpoint disruptive innovations and promising startup companies with analytics that help you gain a competitive edge.

M&A and Due Diligence

Efficiently assess the value or risk of acquisition candidates or alternatives then analyze portfolios for technological fit, key patents and answers to critical IP questions.

Licensing & Monetization

With analytics on all patent portfolios in all technologies, you can both evaluate your most valuable patents for licensing and identify potential licensees.

25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2018

A recent Forbes® article uses PatentSight® to do an analysis highlighting the top patents in the technology field of machine learning

LexisNexis PatentSight Business Intelligence

Intuitive to use and completely customizable

Just a few clicks from unlocking the value of your portfolio!

Benefits at a Glance

Reliable & Trusted

• Contributions from our patent experts, business scholars, IT engineers, and our science advisory board ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

• Ownership harmonization and up-to-date legal status information ensure you are getting an accurate view of the patent landscape.

• Enjoy outstanding support – We are only satisfied when you are.


• Create workflows and save or share them as predefined workbooks with your colleagues.

• Export your analysis with just a few clicks to a solid presentation.

• Easily integrate external data from internal lists or third-party software.

• Flexible – analyze huge portfolios, complete technology fields or drill down to individual patents.

Ensure Profitability

• Time is money. So, when some of our clients have saved as much as one man-year using our platform, perhaps you could save that and more!

• Identify valuable patents to license, bringing in additional revenue and turn your operation into a profit center.

• Save on annual annuity payments by finding patents that are not critical for your success.

Fun to Use

• Impress colleagues and key decision-makers with previously unknown insights.

• Fast – with no limits to the amount of data you can analyze.

• Easy to use – just drag & drop to create filters, reports and charts.

• Flexible – analyze huge portfolios, complete technology fields or drill down to individual patents.

Get an external view on your portfolio

Patent Asset Index™

An objective measure of global technological strength and influence

The Patent Asset Index™ (PAI) takes into account both the number of actively protected inventions and their quality. The method has been developed and validated in scientific research and has been used for several years by leading companies in many industries. Patent Asset Index™ is the total strength of a patent portfolio. It is derived from reviewing the Technology Relevance™ and Market Coverage™ of a company’s patents to understand the Competitive Impact™ of a portfolio.

PatentSight Customer Testimonials

“The method is valuable not only to demonstrate the importance of our patent portfolio to investors but also to internally evaluate our patent strategy over time.”

Member of the Board of Executive Directors at one of the world’s largest chemical companies

The Patent Asset Index™ provides an accurate view of the impact and efficiency of an enterprise’s investment in innovation.”

Executive Vice President and CTO, Global Fortune 100 chemical company

“We regularly review the patent portfolio quality and filing strategy of our divisions using PatentSight’s metrics.”

Head of Strategy & Communication, Leading Electronics Company

“A validation study we performed showed that PatentSight spots disruptive technology early on.”

Head of Patent Analysis, Leading Energy Company

PatentSight’s tool takes us to the next level and we receive only positive feedback.”

Chief IP Counsel, Leading Electronics Company

PatentSight provides the most reliable legal status and ownership information.”

Vice President Patents, Leading Chemical Company

Learn how to profit from a sound patent analysis

Industry Leaders Trust LexisNexis PatentSight


7 out of the top ten most innovative chemical companies by R&D spend use PatentSight and the Patent Asset Index™, e. g. for investor communication and patent strategy evaluation.


In pharmaceuticals, the Patent Asset Index™ is used as an early indicator for product breakthroughs. You can see the Patent Asset Index™ is going up even before the product comes out.


There is a high need for advanced analytics in automotive due to fast developing new technologies, e. g. e-mobility and autonomous driving and new players in the market.

Research/Public Institutions

Organizations calculate the PAI for each of their technology fields to look at the market share and technology strengths of e. g. merging parties.

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