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IP News & Analysis

Fast Examiners; Slow Examiners; and Patent Allowance

Although we know that individual patent examiners can greatly affect an...

The Patent Workflow

Focus on what matters most as you rely on industry-leading patent analytics and research tools to quickly give you the intelligence you need to drive new progress in IP.


impact of uspto examiners on prosecution outcomes

Join us as we discuss how certain types of examiners at the USPTO will require an applicant to double their effort to obtain a patent and how certain types of examiners disproportionately impact after final practice.

How To Objectively Measure Prosecution Performance 400x286

Join us for discussion that focuses on the patent classification system, how applications are routed to art units, how applications are assigned to patent examiners and much more about the processes at the USPTO.

How Classification Works at the USPTO and the Impact on Prosecution Outcomes

This in-depth art unit insight allows you to know your chances of ending up with a fast, medium or slow examiner in that art unit. It also helps you understand the likelihood of if, and when, your patent application will be granted.

Newest Resources

Fast Examiners; Slow Examiners; and Patent Allowance

Although we know that individual patent examiners can greatly affect an inventor’s chance to (1) get a patent at all and (2) get it in a timely way, there has been very little work determining how examiners are able to either delay or compact prosecution while still...

Four Reasons to Search with a Global Mindset

The world is the same size it has always been, but it definitely feels smaller. We are united by information, which has drastically increased the need to approach patent searches with a global mindset. If your patent searches are still being limited to only a few...

IP Landscape for Machine Learning Patents

What is an IP Landscape?An intellectual property landscape is a thorough overview of current patents and practices in any technical space. By providing references, documentation, and a holistic view, an IP landscape can show potential for legal validity and inform...